School Badge:

Dum Dum Kishore Bharati students proudly carry the badge with specific wordings coined based on a line from the Sanskrit shloka. It has become the motto of Dum Dum Kishore Bharati (DDKB): Tejasvi navadhitamastu. This line, derived from the peace invocation of several Upanishads, translates as: “Let our (the teacher and the taught) learning be radiant“.


Our Prayer:

Prayers are considered to be a great source of passing the morals and values to the students. At Dum Dum Kishore Bharati we follow the Sanskrit Shloka – Sangachhadhwam. Every morning assembly conducted in the school, not only helps in imposing good behavior, learning and morals among the students, it also calms the mind and sets the pace for the rest of the day.

Sangachadwam, samvadadwam samvomanamsi janatam’ – these words emphasize the unity of minds to create a healthy, powerful organisation – for prosperity and happiness of all and to promote fellow feeling and righteousness. Life is for living, to be experienced and to be drawn in deep breaths that fills the very senses. Life means standing at the ghat, watching the early morning fog with the chants swirling in your head. You know you have to head back to the headiness of daily rigors, but suddenly feel so blessed of having the time and knowledge to witness that scene.

Dum Dum Kishore Bharati students start the day with these very thoughts – with their fellow students and teachers – all chanting the great vedic prayer.


P 2/A Motijheel Avenue
South Dum Dum; Kolkata; West Bengal 700074, India

Phone: (+91) 33 2551 2225